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Upgrade Your Fall with this 5-Step Checklist

Fall is officially here. That means shorter days and cooler temps. It’s also a reminder to make a few changes in your daily routine – and master the art of living well. Here are five things you should do to make this your best fall ever. INVEST IN TECHNOLOGY We love the new collaboration between Cole Haan and Mountain Hardware, for a series of coats that are cool enough to wear to work but warm enough to ski in. They have the same technology used in hardcore mountain gear, but they’re designed for city living. There are a dozen noteworthy details that set this trench, pictured above, apart from the others. It’s lightweight, waterproof, retains heat and features zippered pockets to keep valuables in place. MODIFY YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE When the weather changes, your skin reacts. Cooler weather and less humidity mean your skin doesn’t produce as much oil. In fact, as the temperatures drop, your skin may start to become dry. If you’ve been using an oil-free moisturizer all summer, switch to our All Purpose Facial Moisturizer. It contains natural alpha hydroxy acids like orange and lemon extracts that help prevent wrinkles, which show up faster on dry skin. Panthenol helps retain moisture and wheat protein keeps your skin looking smooth. If you live in a cold climate, consider adding a serum  to your routine for an extra layer of protection. And swap out your cleanser for this. The aloe vera locks in moisture and treats dryness while the glycolic acid keeps oil production in check. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS Out of sight, out of mind – until you’ve got ice damns or foundation problems. Fall is the ideal time to take stock of what’s happening in the rain gutters that line your roof. Removing all the leaves, branches and stuff that accumulates there will set you up for a more successful winter. Cleaning them once a year should suffice. Check them twice a year if your home has overhanging trees. Here’s how. MASTER THE ART OF TAILGATING Anyone can throw down the back door of their SUV and serve up chips. But you, friend, can show all of them how it’s really done. We love these 41 Tailgate Hacks. And while some border on the ridiculous, we’re down with most of them. Like using frozen water bottles to keep things cold in your cooler (drink them later, when they melt!). Or, set up a hand-wash station using an empty laundry detergent dispenser and a bungee cord. And the breakfast burrito idea is genius. See for yourself. TAKE A WALK You know about insomnia, but have you heard of hypersomnia? It’s the opposite effect and reaches its peak for most of us during the month of October. That’s when most people sleep the longest – about 2.7 hours more per day. But the quality of your sleep can plummet during October and you may wake up groggy or feeling sleepier than usual. That’s because the days are shorter and you have less sunlight hitting your retinas, which is what helps your body set up healthy sleep rhythms. Make a point of taking a walk on your lunch break, or to and from work – to help your body adjust to the changing days, and sleep better at night.          

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