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3 Quick Fixes for Your Unsightly Grooming Problems

It's easy to ignore the obvious, captain. Like that to-do list just sitting there on your desk. Gentlemen, today is the day you are called to action. The first order of business: set goals for the week. And if any involve spit-shining your appearance, here are three simple solutions for problems you may have overlooked. What’s Up with my Pores? A recent Men’s Health study found that 67% of men reported oily skin and enlarged pores as their top grooming concern. There’s a reason. Men produce more oil than women and usually wash our faces less frequently. That oil traps dirt and pollution and creates those gnarly blackheads that make our pores look larger. Gross, right? Good news – there’s a solution. The obvious: wash your face more often and use an exofoliating face scrub. Then: use our Deep Pore Cleansing Clay mask once or twice a week. As it dries, two kinds of clay draw out the gunk that gets caught in your pores. You’ll see – and feel -- the difference immediately. I Got Foot-Shamed. Hey, we get it. Your heels aren’t even in your line of vision, so it’s easy to ignore them. But to the gentleman sitting next to me on the plane wearing flip flops, I see you. There are a few things you can do to quickly solve the problem. First, consider amputation. Oh wait, that was for the guy next to me. For you -- get a pedicure. Even better, make a date with your partner and do it together. The pros can scrap and sand your feet into submission in less than 20 minutes for about as many dollars. From there, a minute a day will keep them presentable. In the shower, scrub them with our Exfoliating and Cleansing Bar, which helps get rid of dead skin. Last, keep hand or body lotion in your sock drawer and generously apply every time you put socks on. Your feet will go from Sahara to smooth in less than a week. Help! I’ve Got an Oil Slick! A friend once told me he could fry a chicken on his face. Granted, we were in Las Vegas. In August. But still. It doesn’t really matter where you are, oily skin can cramp your style. The good news: skin that produces more oily typically stays more hydrated which means you’ll look younger, longer. (The fried chicken friend was 45 but looked 35, FYI.) But that has no bearing on the #greasy Instagram photo you just posted. There are three things you can do to take the perfect selfie. First, swap our your daily moisturizer for our Instant Fix Oil Control. Then, blot your face with a tissue right before you take the photo. This will absorb excess oil for the short term. Finally, skip the flash. Natural light will highlight your face, where a flash will just shine a light on your shine.  


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