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The 7 Best DIY Grooming Hacks for Men

It’s happened to you. You’ve just finished your morning workout and realize you left your Dopp kit at home. Fear not. We’ve got you covered with these seven DIY grooming hacks that will get you to the office – or anywhere – looking sharp. When you forgot your styling product, hand cream will do the trick. Rub a little into into your hands then smooth through your hair. It will help tame the frizz and provide minimal control. The aqua cacteen in our hand cream moisturizes dry skin, and it will do the same for your hair. Use a coffee filter or tissue to dry up the 5 o’clock oil slick that’s appeared on your face. A few dabs on your nose and forehead will absorb any excess grease. Ran out of shave cream? Your hair conditioner is a good DIY substitute. The purpose of shave cream is to provide glide for your razor. In a pinch, hair conditioner – even a nice sudsy soap – will work. Go slowly though, neither function exactly like your shave cream. Save that sprig of parsley on your plate. It works as a post-dinner breath deodorizer. Have you looked at your elbows recently? There’s a good chance they aren’t looking so great, especially in winter, when dry skin gets drier. There’s a reason why. Your elbows do all the work and get no love. Use our hand lotion on them daily and you’ll see an improvement after a week. For quick fix, try a few drops of Pre-Shave + Conditioning Beard Oil – the secret multi-purpose weapon in your grooming arsenal. Calendula and olive oils help your razor glide, but they will also nourish dry, crusty skin. And for those days you overslept and there’s not time to shower, meet our newest product: individually packaged Shower Sheets. In less time than it takes to wait for the shower to heat up, you can cleanse and hydrate your entire body. Keep a few in your gym bag, too. It’s moisture that dulls the blades of your razor. Hit it with a hair dryer for few seconds after you shave to extend its life.   PHOTO BY TAYLOR GROTE                  

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