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Glycolic Facial Cleanser – The Dual Action Cleanser + Exfoliator

What if there was a cleanser that did the job of a scrub, acne wash, and pre-shave treatment all in one? Well, we’ve got it. Anthony Glycolic Cleanser is one of our bestsellers for a reason: it’s a true multitasker. It’s a dual face cleanser  + It’s an exfoliating treatment--relying on the power of natural glycolic acid to smooth out rough spots without the irritation of a scrub. Formulated with 4.9% glycolic acid, this creamy wash removes the dirt and dead skin responsible for breakouts, blackheads and razor bumps. Glycolic acid, commonly used in professional skin peels, is actually quite gentle when used in small concentrations, effectively softening and resurfacing the skin without the lasting redness associated with acid peels. Still fear irritation? Anthony has guarded against that by adding calendula, chamomile, and aloe vera to soothe and heal your face. Best for oily and combo skin types, this cleanser is especially handy if you experience common shaving glitches like ingrown hairs and razor burn. It actually helps lift beard hairs, allowing you to get close to the skin without bumps. Plus it produces a creamy lather that won’t strip your skin pre-shave. One final detail that really makes this a home-run product: it leaves skin with a that oh so clean, tingly feeling.

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