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Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer is in full swing and that means warm weather, beach days, and glowing skin. You may have gotten used to extra moisturizers all winter long, but the keys to healthy summer skin are a little different. Learn more about summer essentials for healthy, non-greasy skin and which products to shelf until winter weather.

Summer Essentials

  Must Have: Face and Body Exfoliators Why? With warmer weather, we tend to sweat more and spend more time near dirt and sand. Exfoliating will remove more makeup, debris, and dead skin which will help prevent build up and acne. Use a face scrub and a body scrub, or opt for an exfoliating + cleansing bar.   Must Have: SPF Moisturizer Why? UVB and UVA rays can be damaging year round, but we tend to be most exposed during the summer months. Using a broad-spectrum SPF moisturizer is an easy way to assure you apply protection against harmful rays every day. In order for it to be effective, you must apply enough and continue to apply every few hours!   Must Have: SPF Lip Balm Why? Your lips need protection from the sun as well and a sun burn on the lips can be very unpleasant. Find a high-quality SPF lip balm that protects against UVB and UVA rays!   Must Have: A hat Why? Okay, a hat isn’t a typical skin care product but it can really help save your skin this summer! Wearing a hat is one way to protect the scalp from sun damage and help shade your face as well.   Must Have: Sunglasses Why? Sunglasses are a key tool in helping to prevent onset of cataracts and the development of macular degeneration, both of which can impair your vision and decrease quality of life.   Must Have: Cleansing Wipes Why? During sweaty summer days you may need to clean your skin more than once. Cleansing pads or wipes are great for travel or during a busy day, and will remove surface impurities and refresh your skin. Two great options are purifying astringent pads or glycolic exfoliating + resurfacing wipes.   Must Have: Oil Control Why? An oil control treatment will help you instantly absorb oil and control shine all day. Simple apply it to your T zone or oily areas.   Must Have: Oil Free Facial Lotion Why? Although moisturizing is still important in the summer, you likely will not need as heavy of one as during the winter. Opt for an oil-free option for lightweight hydration.

Save it For Winter

Product: Extra Moisturizing Facial Lotions Why? It is best to save the very dense facial lotions for the harsh, dry winters. Lightweight moisturizers will be a better option for the summer.   Product: A Heavy Makeup Routine Why? For those who use makeup, wearing layers of makeup is a recipe for disaster in the summer. Makeup is very likely to run, become oily, and cause breakouts in hot, humid weather. Opt for a lighter makeup routine, and consider leaving it behind all-together if you plan to get in water.   Product: Eye Serums and Creams Why? Applying extra serums in the summer will contribute to feeling slimy and greasy. If you need to apply serums for anti-aging purposes, do so at night so it can adequately absorb before the next day.   Photo by Murs Alison

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