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ESPN's Anthony Becht Joins Forces with the Anthony Team

BY ANTHONY SOSNICK There’s a new player on our team, also named Anthony. You know Anthony Becht as a 12-year NFL tight end, originally drafted to the New York Jets. More recently, as a college football analyst on ESPN. This week, we’re happy to announce he’s our new Anthony ambassador. It makes sense: he shares the same name and he's been a fan of ours since 2000, which was a big year for both of us. I’d just launched this brand and he’d been drafted to the Jets. “My wife purchased some Anthony products for me because of the name,” Becht recalls. “I’ve been using them since.” I’m excited he’s on our team because he’s a stand-up guy that stands for the same things we do. He works hard, his family is a priority, he’s a role model for young men at his namesake football camp and gives back to the community. And he’s going to help us spread the word that grooming is as important to your well-being as working out and eating well. Becht, who also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs, joined ESPN in 2013. He also hosts the pre and post-game show on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers radio network and co-hosts the Football Fan Shop on HSN. “Anybody that knows me knows that I'm about grooming and looking great,” he says. Whether he was a player or a broadcaster, looking professional and feeling confident is always top priority. “Sometimes your first impression is your only impression.” ANTHONY SOSNICK: What’s your most memorable NFL moment? ANTHONY BECHT:  Getting drafted as the 27th pick in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New York Jets was the high moment of my career. All the hard work as a young kid playing in high school and later in college at West Virginia really culminated into something special. AS: What’s one lesson you’ve learned from working on TV that applies to everyone? AB: What looks easy requires a lot of work. I spend hours every week studying film of college and NFL teams. Being able to deliver content to the fans with personality and opinions really sets me apart from the rest and I try to demonstrate that every time I'm on TV. I always encourage people to put in the extra effort behind the scenes. You’ll always come out looking like a star. AS: What Anthony products do you always travel with? AB: I never leave home without my Anthony Shave Cream and After Shave Balm. They give me a refreshing feel throughout the day and make me more confident on-air. AS: Three things that make you feel confident: AB:  Signing a new TV contract (joking, but not really); a fresh hair cut and a new custom suit. AS: What’s your secret talent? AB: I'm a pretty darn good ping pong player My 13-year-old son will vouch for that. I'm the champ at my house, but then again, he’s only 13. AS: Other than you, who has the best grooming habits at ESPN? AB: Kirk Herbstreit is always clean-shaven and his hair is just like mine -- it never moves. AS: What’s your favorite car, and what are you driving now? AB:  The Mercedes Benz S550. It’s a classic, sophisticated big body sedan. I currently drive a GMC Sierra truck. When you have kids, that’s the route to go. As soon as they’re finished playing middle school sports and start driving: Mercedes here I come. Follow him on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook for some great Anthony give-aways and lots of behind-the-scenes football coverage.

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