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Halloween Costumes For Bros With Beards

10 Legit Costumes For Bros With Beards

When it comes to Halloween, our hard and fast rule is to use what your mama gave you - whether it’s a bald head, a ZZ top beard, or Herman Munster shoulders. So why be a scary clown or a member of The Village People, when you could be Jon Snow or The Most Interesting Man in the World. Here are 10 legit costumes that would be nowhere without some serious grow
  1. Jack Sparrow, or any psychedelic pirate for that matter
  2. Joaquin Phoenix, but make sure to note that this is during his weird phase
  3. Gandalf or Merlin
  4. Mr. T, because gold chains and a wrestling belt never go out of style
  5. Jon Snow, enough said
  6. The Dude, a bathrobe and a white Russian makes for an easy Halloween and negates the need to wait on a line for a drink
  7. The Most Interesting Man in the World, enough said
  8. Alan from the Hangover, we all want to be Alan
  9. The Oceanographer from Zizzou, a red cap, a jumpsuit and a beard is a strong look plus you get to channel Bill Murray which automatically gives you a pass on behavior
  10. Bob Ross, because who doesn’t love painting or watching painting on TV

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