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Anthony Launches on Talkshoplive

Anthony Brands will be launching on talkshoplive with our first show this December 8th. This short article will explain more about our channel and upcoming shows on talkshoplive. What is Talkshoplive? Talkshoplive is a unique buying experience with live product demonstrations and a live chat stream with the seller and other buyers. As a shopper on talkshoplive, you will get exclusive deals that can only be found on that platform. Why is Anthony joining Talkshoplive? We are joining talkshoplive to create an interactive buying experience. The live shows will allow you to learn much more about the products and to ask questions in real-time. We also are excited to offer exclusive deals to our TSL shoppers. The Next Show TBA. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be notified when we will be launching next on TSL! You can watch and shop the previous shows Anthony 1 Fragrance: Holiday Kit: Make sure to stay tuned so you can join the next live show for product demonstrations, a live chat, and exclusive TSL deals!

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