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3 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Movember This Year

We know, we know. You’re flooded with events of the moment. From National Tequila Day (and that miserable day after) to managing your Fantasy Football League, time is precious. It’s been 14 years since men started growing mustaches in November and by now, all the Movember talk might start to sound like white noise. But we have three reasons it shouldn’t.

What started with a few dozen friends in Australia trying to raise awareness for men’s health issues is now a movement and foundation with more than 5 million participants who have raised nearly $1 billion. But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

So, hit pause on that Buzzfeed quiz that tells you your age and gender based on your Starbucks order and find out why this is the year to pay attention to Movember.

  • Men are dying younger. We face worse long-term health than women and typically die six years earlier. By 2032, prostate cancer rates will double. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the past 50 years. And 75 percent of suicides are men. Believe it or not a man takes his life every minute of every day.
  • The Movember foundation is the only charity taking on men’s health issues on a global scale, year-round. Not just this month. Their main goal is to stop men from dying young. That means funding projects that tackle testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention and prostate cancer, a cause close to us here at Anthony Skincare. Since it’s independent of government funding, the Movember Foundation can invest the money quickly, with no red tape. In the past 13 years, they’ve funded more than 1,200 initiatives worldwide.
  • If they continue the work they’re doing now, by 2030, the number of men dying prematurely can be reduced by 25%. That means your son, your best friend, or you could benefit. 

And all you have to do is get involved. Here are three easy ways.

  • Grow a mustache. If that’s all you do, and you have a chance to tell people why you’re doing it, you’ve made a difference. Here are some tips on how to do it:
  • Turn your workouts into fundraisers. Whether you walk, run or cycle, it’s easy to transform your everyday fitness activities into ways to raise money for the cause. Here’s how. 
  • Host an event or find one near you.  There are golf tournaments, dinner parties and art fairs throughout the month.

You may be in great health today, but chances are you know someone who isn’t. Get involved for both of you, and then share what you’re doing in the comments on our Facebook page. 


Photo by Sabine van Straaten 


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