Instant Fix Oil Control

Our Instant Fix Oil Control treatment instantly absorbs oil and controls shine all day while helping to reduce the appearance of pores. It promotes a shine-free appearance by absorbing excess oil and balancing your skin. Formulated with glycerin to hydrate and silica to reflect light to diminish imperfections. Apply to oil prone areas for a matte, refreshed look.

The Instant Fix Oil Control is also a great makeup primer and helps to keep a flawless, fresh face all day.

3 fl oz ℮ 90 mL

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How to Use:

Dispense a dime-sized amount onto palms or fingers. Apply to T-zone or oily areas as needed. Can also be used as a makeup primer. Tip: Less is more with this product. Start with a small amount and add more if needed.

Key Ingredients:

Sweet Orange Peel Oil helps to purify and decongest skin. Citronella Oil reduces oil and softens skin. Silica draws oil and toxins from skin reducing the appearance of pores.



Free of parabens, phtalates, GMOs, DEA, triclosan, and gluten. Allergy and dermatologist tested. Made cruelty free in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Great product. Lightweight and non greasy.

Oil Control

I use this at night to keep my face from getting oily all night. It creates a matte finish on my skin and it feels really good. Works well.


This product saves me from super embarrassing 'T-Zone' shine. It never fails me. I only use a flat quarter sized amount in my hands, gently rub them together and then gently 'press' it into my T-Zone and then onto the rest of my face and neck. I keep gently pressing until I feel it gone from my palms. It immediately takes the shine away and it keeps it away for up to 18 hours. (I usually will wash my face in between on the long days, and I just use a small pea sized amount for those touch up washes in between the am and pm routines. Right after the moisturizer. It will not let you down!) *** This is one of the most frustrating problems that I encounter with my face. I am using all the right products, but my face produces a shine anyway. I have never found anything that takes that shine away, until I found this product. It changes my self confidence immensely. ***


This product is something I have never seen or heard of before in any skin care line I've tried in the past. Since 1986 I have been looking for a product like this. I am not old, but my skin got 'stuck' in the puberty zone and I've never been able to get it out!

I use a very small amount of this product, about the size of three to four dimes stacked on top of each other, into the palm of my hand. I gently and swiftly coat both of my palms with it and then gently- firm, but not too much pressure, press my hands into my face- being careful not to rub- just gently press and lift- over and over, starting with my chin and nose first, then top of my forehead. Then I go over the rest of my face and the last place is my neck. (My neck doesn't get shinny or greasy, but I want to be sure I use all of the product, plus I want to do to my neck everything I do my face. I heard that once a long time ago and have always maintained that stance.)

I still, after a few weeks of using this entire line of products, have no idea how in the world this keeps my face from getting a greasy shine to it. Some of my days are 18 hour days. And, I might not be able to wash my face and go through my routine- or even just cleanse my face and hydrate it in the middle of those 18 hours somewhere. When I look in the mirror after all those hours, it does not look like the person I've always seen looking back. It is me, with good healthy skin and not a greasy spot to be found.

It almost seems to me like it does two things for me. 1) It keeps my face from getting a greasy or shinny look about it and 2) It 'locks' in all the repairing and preventative products I have on underneath it.

It is an armor of protection - from my own facial producing oils AND the environment ones, too.

I feel like I'm finally living in the episode of The Brady Bunch where Peter Brady's voice cracks and he sounds like Barry White!

Thank you Anthony!!!


Really works!

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