No Sweat Body Defense 3-Pack ($66 Value)

                    No Sweat Body Defense 3-Pack ($66 Value)

                    No Sweat Body Defense 3-Pack ($66 Value)

                    No Sweat Body Defense 3-Pack ($66 Value)
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No Sweat Body Defense 3-Pack ($66 Value)

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Add No Sweat Body Defense to your arsenal of must-have products to fight friction and chafing while soothing and refreshing where you need it most. Aka those sensitive areas like inner thighs, down there, chest and under arms, as well as hands and feet.

This award-winning talc-free cream-to-powder skin barrier is a game changer. Formulated with all-natural aloe vera, macadamia nut oil extract, vitamin E and glycerin to soothe, calm, nourish and condition your skin, the fuss-free cream easily smoothes on leaving a lightweight powdery finish for the win.

3x 3 fl oz ℮ 90 mL


Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Kelley
Love this product

I've always loved this product and have used it for years.

My only issue is the product turns into a hard solid when it reaches the air, so on the larger pump bottle version, your first pump always has a big clump of dried product mixed in, so you have to make a mess trying to get it out. I wish a nozzle design would fix it.


No Sweat Body Defense

Michael Glaub

For anyone who has suffered from those sweat problems downstairs, you know how painful it can be. Yikes! But, Anthony’s No Sweat Body Defense keeps me cool and without the painful redness. You won’t believe that you never thought of it before. Aaahhh!

Zoe Jacober

No Sweat Body Defense

amy greer
Reduces sweat

I’m a huge SWEATer and live down south so there isn’t any escaping the excessive heat unless I stay in the a/c all day. It’s embarrassing to be out in public and the sweat shows through your clothes. This stuff helps out a lot and I highly recommend.