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Refresh Duo

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Knock out tired skin with the quick 1-2 punch of our Refresh Duo and instantly upgrade your routine.

Purifying Astringent Pads:
Dirt-busting, shine-controlling, pore-tightening, refining, and refreshing must-have purifying pads. Whether on-the-go (think gym, beach, or travel) or at home, simply wipe your face with a quick and easy premoistened pad, formulated with witch hazel, citrus, aloe vera, peppermint, and azelaic acid to soothe your skin, control irritation, and redness and freshen your day.

Wake Up Call: A superpowered blend of anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, caffeine, AHA’s, mint, shea butter, and wheat proteins work to target firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles, all while stimulating, revitalizing, and soothing sluggish skin.


Customer Reviews

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Caine Macgregor
Loving it so far

Will definitely open your eyes! It is a brisk wake up. I suggest if you are using it let it get dry before going outside in the winter as your face will be cold!

Kendall Carey
Pricey But You Need It

In my quest to find the perfect skincare routine, I stumbled upon this. It's sort of pricey for how much you get, but I guess that's what makes it luxurious. It feels GREAT. It smells minty, but that's because it feels minty. I have a sleep issue where I'm tired way too often (and drinking caffeine does nothing to wake me up) and this sort of perks me up a bit! I keep one at home and one in my purse. It's like splashing cold water on your face, but extremely pleasant instead of unpleasant. I love this stuff. Should I give it that extra star? (OK I was originally going with 4 stars but I'm giving it 5 because I use it so much.)

Zayden Ibarra
Face feels fresher

Good value for money to purchase. Not sure about use on sensitive skin but it was good for my face

Ivan Pratt

Amazing! Start every morning with a face wash followed by Wake Up Call. Perfect way to start the day!

Ubaid Grimes
Easy to apply on its own pads and throw away

I did not receive this product for free or any endorsements for my review.

Easy to apply on its own pads and throw away. This product stays moist even if you forget to put the lid on after an overnight. Cools the skin but doesn't burn or tingle if you are into that.

I'll purchase this product again.