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                    No Sweat Body Defense

                    No Sweat Body Defense

                    No Sweat Body Defense

                    No Sweat Body Defense
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Add No Sweat Body Defense to your arsenal of must-have products to fight friction and chafing while soothing and refreshing where you need it most. Aka those sensitive areas like inner thighs, down there, chest and under arms, as well as hands and feet.

This award-winning talc-free cream-to-powder skin barrier is a game changer. Formulated with all-natural aloe vera, macadamia nut oil extract, vitamin E and glycerin to soothe, calm, nourish and condition your skin, the fuss-free cream easily smoothes on leaving a lightweight powdery finish for the win.


Customer Reviews

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Joanna Bobay

No Sweat Body Defense 3-Pack ($66 Value)

Keith Leber
Chafing no more

Product is great. I had reached out because it seems to liquidy but it may be because of the heat? But seems to work very well. And I believ you guys are sending me a replacement. Thank you for the great product!

Gary Warning
It Works!

Sometimes I use No Sweat Body Defense to prevent perspiration or just on particularly humid days. In either case definitely helps control perspiration. I also pack the smaller size of the product and take it with me when I travel. It never irritates my skin. It's a great product!

Chris Ewing
This stuff works!

I had tried almost everything and stopped looking when No Sweat Body Defense worked! So I immediately purchased more. I sweat just standing in the summer sun within a minute, mainly in places I would rather not be all sweaty. No Sweat Body Defense allows me to be outside, not thinking about how to unstick body parts without calling attention to myself or if I’m sweating through my clothes.

Curtis McLuhan
Works awesome

I tried the product initially, because someone gave me a tube to try. It works great. I stay dry but it doesn't dry out my skin. The best thing is that I don't think about it at all, because it just plain works, no fuss no muss.