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Jojoba Beads For Exfoliating

Jojoba Beads For Exfoliating

Jojoba goes by many different names depending on who you ask. Some people call it goat nut, while others call it wild hazel. Regardless of the name used, Jojoba is a shrub native to the Southwestern United States. For years, the seeds of the Jojoba plant have been used to extract Jojoba oil. If you’ve ever read the back of a skin or hair care product that contains natural ingredients, you might have come across the name before. This extract has a wide range of benefits when applied directly to the skin. It is particularly useful for men who struggle with acne.

While the benefits of Jojoba oil are extensive, it’s also important to know how Jojoba oil can be used to create unique skin care products. More specifically, it is the basis of Jojoba beads, which are often used as natural exfoliants. However, the vast majority of men are probably unfamiliar with Jojoba beads, so it’s only natural if you have a few questions.

For example, do Jojoba beads have the same benefits as Jojoba oil? Are Jojoba beads natural? What can these beads do for your skin? How can they be applied? Finally, where can you find a high-quality exfoliating bar with Jojoba beads?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s look at what Jojoba beads really are and how they work:

What Are Jojoba Beads?

To understand Jojoba beads, you first have to understand the composition of Jojoba oil. Unlike other natural oils, Jojoba is technically an ester that can be hardened into a wax. This hardening process is used to turn Jojoba oil into Jojoba beads. This results in wax-like balls that are extremely smooth. This gives them the ability to effectively exfoliate the skin without being overly harsh.

Jojoba beads are almost never used on their own, at least not when it comes to skin care. Instead, they are combined with creams or soap bars for more efficient exfoliation. However, if you want to ensure the quality of your skin care product, it’s vital to check that it contains real Jojoba beads so that you get all of the benefits.

Are Jojoba Beads Natural?

Yes, one of the greatest benefits of Jojoba beads is that they are 100% natural. There are thousands of exfoliating products out there that use plastic microbeads. Not only are these terrible for the environment, but they can also cause tears in the skin. This is because the plastic does not always have rounded edges. On the contrary, these tiny beads can be quite jagged, which can do much more harm than good. And while microplastics are an unfortunate part of life now, it’s not advisable to rub plastic beads on your skin and add even more plastic residue to your body!

Alternatively, Jojoba beads are 100% biodegradable and don’t have a detrimental impact on the environment. They also come with many of the same skin-healing benefits as standard Jojoba oil. In short, both Jojoba oil and Jojoba beads are natural compounds that come directly from the seeds of the Jojoba plant.

Benefits Of Jojoba Beads For Skin

As previously mentioned, Jojoba beads have many of the same benefits as Jojoba oil. However, the method for using each product is very different. Jojoba beads are specifically used for exfoliation, typically in conjunction with other products. In any case, here are all the ways your skin can benefit from Jojoba beads:

  • Safe & Gentle Exfoliation - Jojoba beads are smooth and capable of clearing away the top layer of dead skin without causing unnecessary abrasions. This makes Jojoba beads particularly well-suited for men with sensitive skin.
  • Ample Hydration - Like Jojoba oil, Jojoba beads have hydrating properties. This means that they can simultaneously exfoliate and moisturize your skin.
  • Natural pH Balancing - Since Jojoba beads are naturally smooth and gentle on the skin, they don’t strip away natural oils like some exfoliants. This helps ensure that you can exfoliate your skin without upsetting its natural pH balance.
  • Face & Body Friendly - Jojoba beads are gentle enough for the face, but still strong enough for the skin on the rest of the body. This makes them the perfect choice for all-in-one exfoliators.
  • Enhanced Efficacy - Jojoba beads are typically combined with moisturizers or soaps for exfoliation. In either case, the natural properties of Jojoba beads help enhance the efficacy of the underlying product.

Jojoba Bead Exfoliant

Jojoba beads are most often associated with exfoliation — and for good reason. The natural smoothness of hardened Jojoba oil makes it ideal for sweeping away dead skin. At the same time, Jojoba beads create a continuous rolling motion that will not damage the skin. For this reason, various face and body scrubs feature Jojoba beads as the primary exfoliating ingredient.

The Jojoba Beads Hydrating Bar

The Buff It Hydrating Bar from Anthony is among the best exfoliating bars for men that utilize Jojoba Beads. Specifically created for the varied skin of the male body, our Buff It Hydrating Bar offers the perfect way to deal with rough or patchy skin on the body. It’s the perfect solution if you struggle with back acne, dry and itchy skin, or even psoriasis. With Anthony’s Buff It Hydrating Bar, you can exfoliate and hydrate your entire body while you shower!

How To Use A Jojoba Bead Exfoliator

If you opt for Anthony’s Buff It Hydrating Bar with Jojoba Beads, the process to use it and get the most out of your purchase is simple. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare a shower to the temperature that works for you. Lukewarm or warm water tends to work best, but if you prefer more extreme temperatures, you can still make good use of the Jojoba bead exfoliator.
  2. Get in the shower and allow the water to wash over your body for a few seconds. You don’t need to wait long, but you do need to ensure that your skin is moist before applying the Buff It Hydrating Bar (or any other Jojoba bead exfoliator).
  3. Hold the Buff It Hydrating Bar under the water for a few seconds to moisten it.
  4. Begin massaging the bar over your skin in circular motions. This will create a rich lather and you will feel the Jojoba beads providing a light resistance against the top layer of skin.
  5. You can do a full body exfoliation or you can focus on key areas — it’s up to you. If you choose to exfoliate specific areas, many men find that the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, knees, and ankles are the areas that require the most attention. However, your experience may vary based on your skin type and any specific skin conditions you have.
  6. Rinse off the lather thoroughly. Make sure not to leave any remnants on your skin, as this could cause unnecessary irritation.
  7. Pat yourself dry with a towel and continue your standard skin care routine. It is common to add a moisturizer after exfoliating, but this may depend on your preferences and skin type.

Remember, if you’re currently in the market for a good Jojoba bead exfoliator for men, Anthony’s Buff It Hydrating Bar is one of the best ways to give yourself a full-body exfoliation!

Want to learn even more about Jojoba beads for exfoliating? If so, be sure to check out the great products and solutions available at Anthony today!

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