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Charcoal Face Wash Guide

Charcoal Face Wash Guide

When you think of charcoal, you probably think of cookouts, tailgating, or other occasions where you would pull out the charcoal grill. However, charcoal has been an ingredient in many early skincare remedies and products for thousands of years. But before you start trying to spread charcoal from your grill on your face (definitely do NOT do that), there are some things you should understand about how charcoal is treated and prepared for skin care.

Since you’re probably here because you haven’t used charcoal face wash or other charcoal-based skin care products before, we imagine that you have a few questions. For instance, what does black charcoal face wash do? What are the benefits of charcoal face wash? What is “activated” charcoal and how does it differ from regular charcoal? Most importantly, where can you find a good charcoal face wash for men?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

What Is Charcoal Face Wash?

Charcoal face wash is any kind of face cleansing product that uses activated charcoal (sometimes called activated carbon) as a primary ingredient. Particularly when combined with other cleansing ingredients, charcoal has an extremely purifying effect on the skin. Even though charcoal face wash has tiny molecules of carbon, those molecules are extremely porous. The natural composition of activated charcoal makes it perfectly designed to absorb toxins from the skin.

Remember that the charcoal you find in face wash is not the same as the charcoal you put into your grill. Regular charcoal is full of chemicals that help it burn longer, and it’s often made using slightly different underlying components. Either way, it’s not safe or good for your skin. However, the biggest differences between standard and activated charcoal occur during the burning process. “Activated” charcoal is made by burning materials like wood and coconut shells at extremely high temperatures. The higher temperature makes the charcoal extremely porous and gives it a larger surface area. These characteristics are what make it a great ingredient for face wash (more on that later).

And this is definitely not a new discovery. Historians know that activated charcoal was used by the ancient Egyptians, possibly for both skincare and dental hygiene. When used on its own, activated charcoal can be an effective and natural exfoliant. It has come back into popularity more recently as many consumers search for skincare products that are free of harsh chemicals. In short, if you want a face wash that can detoxify your skin without the need for a lot of unnatural ingredients, a charcoal face wash is one of your best options (and has been for a very long time).

How Does Charcoal Face Wash Work?

There are two basic processes at play when you apply activated charcoal to your skin: absorption and adsorption. You’re probably familiar with the concept of absorption. In the context of a charcoal face wash, the many pores of activated charcoal absorb chemicals, toxins, and even excess oils from your skin.

At the same time, activated charcoal involves a process called adsorption. Like absorption, adsorption involves drawing unwanted things out from the skin. However, adsorption means that molecules adhere to the surface of another object. In this case, the large surface area of activated charcoal molecules acts like Velcro, picking up excess materials from the surface of the skin.

Charcoal Face Wash Benefits

It goes without saying that purifying your skin of toxins, chemicals, and excess oils is great. But what else can charcoal face wash really do? In addition to purification, here are some of the most important benefits of using a face wash infused with activated carbon:

  • Enhanced Cleansing - A good face wash is already designed to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, but activated charcoal can make the results look and feel even better. This is a result of the adsorption process, where things like dirt and grime attach themselves directly to the charcoal molecules. When you rinse off the face wash, these particles go down the drain with everything else, leaving you with a much brighter, cleaner face!
  • Oil Balancing - While activated charcoal skin wash is good for a wide range of skin types, you can get the most benefits if your skin tends to be oily. Excess oil can clog up pores and generally leave you with a shiny or greasy appearance. Adding charcoal skin wash to your regimen can help reduce the appearance of oil and, with time, help your skin develop more balanced oil levels.
  • Cleared Pores - Since charcoal is a great exfoliant, it only makes sense that it works wonders for whiteheads, blackheads, and any other clogged pores. The absorbing and adsorbing qualities make it even easier to clear out pores as you wash your face.
  • Acne Reduction - Clearing pores is a great way to reduce acne, but the natural properties of activated charcoal take these benefits a step further. Charcoal has anti-bacterial properties; while clearing out the pores, it can also eliminate any bacteria that could lead to future breakouts.

How Often Should You Use Charcoal Face Wash?

So, can you use charcoal face wash daily? The answer to this question will vary based on who you ask. Some dermatologists recommend daily usage, while others believe it should only be used a few times per week. The reality is that it depends on your skin. If you have oily skin, everyday charcoal face wash usage is perfectly fine. In fact, it will probably be the most effective way to reduce that oiliness and leave your skin with a more balanced look and texture.

However, if you have overly dry skin, daily use of charcoal face wash could take away a little too much oil. For this reason, we generally recommend basing your usage on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you should use charcoal face wash once daily (typically in the morning). If you have moderately oily skin, you may also use it daily, but if you find it to be too drying, you may prefer to reduce usage to every other day. Finally, if you have very dry skin, it’s probably best to use a charcoal face wash about 2 to 3 times per week. Regardless of your skin type, it’s a good idea to try out different schedules and even speak with your dermatologist to determine the best routine for your skin.

Best Charcoal Face Wash For Men

Do you have oily skin that is difficult to tame with standard face wash products? Do you want to detoxify the skin of your face? Finally, are you looking for the best daily face wash infused with activated charcoal? If so, Anthony’s Charcoal Face Wash is the solution for you.

Anthony’s Charcoal Face Wash takes advantage of activated charcoal’s natural exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties to create a face wash that is perfectly designed for men’s skin. While it is most beneficial for men with oily skin, our proprietary formula is effective for all skin types. So, if you want a face wash that will really clean out your pores and leave your face feeling completely refreshed, check out Anthony’s Charcoal Face Wash today!

Want to learn even more about charcoal face wash? If so, be sure to check out the great products and solutions available at Anthony today!

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