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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Every holiday season includes the same struggle, what do I get him this year? He has enough socks and boxers, and he never has any suggestions. Or perhaps you are the guy who needs some ideas for his holiday list.

Let’s face it, DIYs usually have a stark contrast between “expectations” and “reality,” and so many other options are extremely costly. We understand the challenge of gift shopping for men AND the difficulty of figuring out what you as a guy want. In this blog, we offer a complete holiday gift guide that won’t break the bank.

Holiday Kits

During the holiday season, many companies come out specialty limited-edition gift sets. These sets often have many different items, nice packaging, and are a great deal.  You can’t go wrong with a Holiday Kit!

A Subscription Box

Getting the men in your life a subscription box packed full of full sized products, samples, and more will help them keep up their hygiene year- round. A subscription box gives people a chance to try out tons of new products, and one with seasonally themed boxes is ideal for getting the most out of the products. Check out our new Man for All Seasons subscription box for the perfect gift. Year round skincare essentials for every season

Grooming Kits

Find a kit that best suits the needs of the guy you are shopping for. Does he need to step up his shaving routine? Is he always losing his deodorant at the gym? Or does he just need some help with exfoliating and cleansing? A kit is an affordable, easy all-in-one solution for helping with a man’s grooming routine.

Car Accessories

Figure out what items can bring his car to the next level and make his car buff. Get him air fresheners, leather cleaning wipes, and aux cords, or help the exterior of the car with an assortment of car cleaning materials like a bucket, rags, and cleaning/shining sprays.

Gym/Travel Bag Items

So many female skincare, haircare, and makeup items come with travel sized items or toiletry bags, but the men in your life may not have these things readily available. Get him a travel kit filled with all the essentials he needs, and a bonus toiletry bag to store them in .

Date Night Baskets

Feel free to call it something else if the gift is for a family member, but creating baskets for “dates” can be a cute, small gift to show him you care.  A movie night basket might include a wicker box lined with a comfy blanket, some popcorn and toppings, candy, and a couple of DVDs (or a giftcard for a Netflix subscription).  Just think of a hang-out idea, purchase some small items that can be used for that event, and arrange it in a decorative way.

Gift Card to His Favorite Store

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift card. Gift cards can be a thoughtful way to give him the flexibility to buy what he needs.

Shower Essentials

Every guy needs refills on his shower essentials at some point. Replenishing, and even adding items that he can use in the shower is a simple gift that will go to good use. Make sure he has a quality shampoo and cleansing bar, and maybe include a body scrub he can try if he does not currently use one.

Concert or Sporting Event Tickets

Look for sporting events, concerts, fairs, or other local events based on his preference. Purchasing tickets is another fun way to plan a day together and attend an event rather than accumulating clutter from unwanted gifts.

Household Refills

“Adulting” is not always as fun as it seems, and he may really appreciate stocking up on his commonly used household and food items. Think bulk stocks of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, pet food, non-perishable food items, or body and face care items.

Home Services

Help him clean up clutter and get his place squeaky clean with a gift card from Taskrabbit, Groupon, and similar companies. He won’t be able to wait to invite you over!

Tech Accessories

If a new cell phone or laptop isn’t quite in the budget, help him amp up his current tech gadgets. Headphones, chargers, batteries, cases, aux cords, and screen protectors can help him refresh his current tech items.

Gear for His Favorite Team

Grab your guy some merch items from his favorite sports’ team, musician, telvision show, etc. Find his favorite hobby and pick him up some gear to rep.

Picking the perfect gift is really about matching his interests with a personal touch. Use these suggestions to put together the ultimate gift for any guy in your life. If you need any more ideas, check out some of our best sellers!


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