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ESPN’s Anthony Becht Joins Forces with the Anthony Team

BY ANTHONY SOSNICK There’s a new player on our team, also named Anthony. You know Anthony Becht as a 12-year NFL tight end, originally drafted to the New York Jets. More recently, as a college football analyst on ESPN. This week, we’re happy to announce he’s our new Anthony ambassador. It makes sense: he shares…

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9 Things to Do Before Summer is Over

Hopefully you’ve had your best summer ever, filled with trips to the beach and burgers on the grill. But don’t let the last few weeks of the season slip by without tackling at least one of these nine adventures. Spend a few hours at the park with a book or the Sunday paper. Leave your…

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3 Quick Fixes for Your Unsightly Grooming Problems

It’s easy to ignore the obvious, captain. Like that to-do list just sitting there on your desk. Gentlemen, today is the day you are called to action. The first order of business: set goals for the week. And if any involve spit-shining your appearance, here are three simple solutions for problems you may have overlooked….

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9 Questions for Anthony

Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Brian Boye and I’m the executive fashion and grooming director for Men’s Health. I’m also a longtime friend of Anthony — the brand and the man. In my day job, I talk to 13 million men about strategies to look good and feel confident. I get to…

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Face Summer Head On

It’s safe to say that you aren’t sitting around worrying about “seasonal skincare.”  But whether you’re heading to the beach this weekend or just trying to make it in to the office without pitting out, let’s face it, summer weather is officially here, and that means changes for your skin as well as your wardrobe….

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