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shave cream and shave gel

Is Shave Cream or Shave Gel Better for Your Skin?

If you’re like most men who have dry skin, using a shaving gel or a cream is important. It’s a way to protect your skin from the abrasiveness of a razor. You need something that will act as a protective shield between your skin and the razor that will also prevent your skin from drying…

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skincare routine for men

How To Start A Skincare Routine

Trying to figure out a what products you need to consider to start a routine can get very confusing. It’s even harder when you’re not well versed in knowing which ingredients will work best for your skin. Some people have a 5 to 7 step morning routine, which can be pretty intense to do everyday….

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Traveling with Anthony: 48 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for a weekend getaway that doesn’t require a passport? Look no further than San Juan, Puerto Rico! With old-world Spanish charm, amazing food, beautiful beaches and the loveliest people, San Juan offers the perfect Caribbean escape. Packing List Anthony Day Cream SPF 30, Starter Kit, Anthony 1 EDP Swimsuit Dancing shoes! Booking the Trip…

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The 7 Best DIY Grooming Hacks for Men

It’s happened to you. You’ve just finished your morning workout and realize you left your Dopp kit at home. Fear not. We’ve got you covered with these seven DIY grooming hacks that will get you to the office – or anywhere – looking sharp. When you forgot your styling product, hand cream will do the…

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