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Skin Sessions ft. Justin Barcia

What’s cooler than being a title-holding, professional supercross and motocross badass? Tell us, we’ll wait.

We had the chance to chat with 27 year old Justin Barcia – the motocross comeback kid – about being a pro athlete and his skincare tips. Spoiler alert, our Shower Sheets are a necessity for him! Read on below to get the inside deets

This or That

Night owl or early riser?

Early riser!

Audiobooks or podcasts?

Audio books.

Text or FaceTime?

I’m a Texter!

Instagram or Twitter?


Cooking at home or eating out?

Cooking at home for sure. You can’t beat a home cooked meal, especially when I’ve been on the road a while.

Finish the sentence

My favorite skincare trend is….

Deep pore cleansing clay

Someone I admire is…

my wife Amber

My gym bag is always filled with…

Shower Sheets!!!

I always travel with my…

Bose noise-canceling headphones.

I can’t live without…


Fill us in

Describe yourself in three words.

Energetic / wide open / wild child

What is your go-to Anthony skincare product and why?

Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash. Nothing beats the fresh smell after a hard day of training!

What inspired you to become a professional motocross rider and how did you get started?

My Dad raced small races when I was younger so I decided to get on a bike and try it out, I never thought about becoming a professional racer I just loved riding & I became good at it.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from motocross? How have you dealt with injuries?

The biggest thing I have learned from racing is to never give up there’s always huge ups and downs in any sport but you can never quit!

What’s something you wish more people knew about motocross?

That it’s a great family sport you can’t do it on your own you have to have a strong network of family and friends supporting you!

Tell us your post-ride grooming and skincare tips.

I always use the Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating + Resurfacing Wipes as soon as I come off the track to get the dirt & sweat off my face. After a long shower, I often use a bit of Anthony’s All-Purpose Facial Moisturizer as my skin can get super dried out in the Florida heat.


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