Glycolic Facial Cleanser

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This non-foaming cleanser, powered by 4.2% Glycolic Acid removes dirt and oil, cleanses, gently exfoliates, and helps to soften and lift stubble before you shave.


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How to Use:

  1. Dampen hands, face and neck
  2. Squeeze a half dollar sized amount of cleanser into palms.
  3. Apply to the face with upward circular motions.
  4. Rinse off with warm water.
  5. Apply Anthony moisturizer.

Use AM or PM

Recommended for normal, combination and oily skin


Key Ingredients:

Removes excess oil, impurities, and leaves skin fresh + clean

Provides and retains moisture while treating dryness

Nourishes skin and provides antioxidant protection


Gluten free, Paraben free, Allergy + Dermatologist tested


23 reviews for Glycolic Facial Cleanser

  1. 5 out of 5

    Anthony’s Glycolic Facial Cleanser is wonderfully perfect. I can not believe it does all the things that it does. In my mind, it is a crime to call it simply a ‘facial cleanser’ – as if it had nothing to offer but simply ‘washing’ your face. My face has a very complex set of needs that really have to be met. If they are not met, the damage is clearly visible and able to been seen. Because I have always had sensitive skin, which has included, but is not limited to, the following unique problems : the classic ‘T-Zone’ area, 2 different types of acne, blackheads and ingrown facial hair from time to time. Anthony’s Glycolic Cleanser (still a crime) is the ONLY cleanser that I’ve ever used that 1) really cleansed my skin – without leaving it stripped of it’s natural oils that I want it to retain 2) takes away all the other oils that are either over-produced by my body, or come from ‘product leftover’ from the day or night before, and also external environmental over-lays 3) calmed my skin as if I had some type of soothing, cooling, gentle facial 4) balanced out the red/blotchy areas and gives my skin a truly healthy look and feel 5) removed easily with a nice hot washcloth OR by splashing my face with water (and it doesn’t matter if the water or washcloth is hot or cold, or if you even use a washcloth or not) 6) I am able to report a 100% reduction in any ingrown hairs on my neck- which is the only place I’ve ever gotten them-this happened after about the first four days of using it morning and night 7) leaves my face, neck and even my ear lobes and around my ear, and the back of my neck- fresh, clean, soothed, calm and best of all- I can tell, not just ‘feel’, but actually tell my skin is really clean AND healthy. I have never had the option of NOT using a toner.

    I love the smell of my face afterwards, too. I am so sorry this review is so long.
    I had to write it in a very particular way because I wanted to be sure and relay ALL the benefits I’ve experienced, and continue to, every time I’ve used it- starting from the very first time. And the ‘rush’ that I get from washing my face does not ever go away. Obviously, by the name, you know it is taking care of dead skin cells which really helps my skin because my face has all these small areas that are so hard to get completely clean. The way I use it is by wetting my face with warm water. I make sure my entire face is fully wet- even my ear lobes and around the back of my ears and even my hairline around the back of my neck. Then, I put an amount of this cleanser (crime…) into the palm of my hand – like, about the circumference of a quarter, but try to imagine three quarters stacked up. This is the perfect amount to create a great lather in my hands and then I just go to town on my face, and I take my time, I don’t use a washcloth or anything – just my fingertips. Sometimes I will leave it on my face for a minute while I get a cup of coffee and that feels great.

    I then use a clean, fresh ‘hotter’ water drenched washcloth loosely wrung out and gently start at the top of my forehead and work my way down, gently removing the cleanser. I don’t apply any pressure- I just go very gently. Once I know I’ve rinsed it all off, I splash cool, but not cold, water on my face – just to tighten things up a little, but I don’t want to close my pores completely- because of the rest of the routine I do with several other Anthony products. I don’t think you have to only use Anthony products afterwords, but I have NOT found any other products that repair, protect and nourish /hydrate my skin as good as Anthony products do.

    So, this product is just the beginning with the Anthony line for me! I love it, I use twice a day and it is a way for me to do something really good for myself that I always look forward to, regardless of how tired or how much pain I am in. It is like having a best friend for your face. 😉

  2. 5 out of 5

    Best facewash ever, took care of my oily skin. Very gentle and effective.

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