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How to Conquer No-shave November

No-shave November and Movember are fun movements to raise awareness of serious issues like cancer and mental health. Movember is an annual event that involves growing a mustache in November, in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues. No-shave November has a similar goal but uses the strategy of no shaving for the entire month, aka grow a full beard.

After learning more about the purpose for these events, you may be all-in to neglect your shave and support the cause, but hold up. Before jumping into No-shave November full force, you want to consider how you can still look your best while on this mission. Read this article to learn the best tips for mastering No-shave November.

Donate the money saved from not shaving

One important piece of No-shave November is that money saved from shaving expenses should be donated to the cause. Another great option would be to purchase future shaving supplies from companies that contribute a portion of profits to cancer research.

Beard or Moustache?

Decide if you are sporting a moustache for Movember or a full-on beard for No-shave November. You can always switch it up mid-month or try a different style each year. Have all the tools and products necessary to maintain whichever style you are going for.

Trim it

Even if you plan to grow the most grizzly beard, you will want to trim stray whiskers and uneven hairs for a more put-together look.

Cleanse it

 To reduce the itch and keep the bits of food from making a nest in your beard, make sure you cleanse it properly. Make sure you find a gentle conditioning beard wash, so you do not dry out your beard or face.

Keep it Moisturized

As it gets colder and, you will want to use a beard oil  to soften and condition your beard and skin.

Prepare for the Shave

Make sure you have all the shaving necessities ready before the month comes to an end. For the best December 1st shave, make sure you use a pre-shave, a high-quality shaving cream or gel, and a gentle after-shave. It is also wise to have an ingrown hair treatment in stock just in case you end up needing it.

We hope these tips will help you rock No-shave November and achieve a great shave once the month ends. Anthony supports cancer awareness by donating a portion of every proceed to prostate cancer research.




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