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Borrowing from the Boys: Should Women Use Men’s Skincare Products?

We borrow t-shirts, button downs and boxers from the boys, but one of the best-kept secrets is borrowing his grooming products.

The market is saturated with skincare products directly marketed toward women, but men’s skincare products can have surprising benefits for women. In this article, you will learn the top reasons to consider borrowing skincare products from the men in your life.

You will save money!

While women are accustomed to paying significant money for top skincare products, men are newer to the concept of truly taking care of their skin and are reluctant to fork up the dough for skincare. The truth is, men’s skincare products are significantly less expensive than the similar counterparts created for women. If you are looking to cut costs on your skincare routine, consider trying out products from a men’s skincare line.

You May Find Products That Work Better for You

Women’s skincare products often target sensitive skin and seek to prevent wrinkles and sun damage. If you are in need of a better exfoliant or more moisturized skin,  men’s skincare could be a better fit for you. Every person has unique skin properties, and some people may be able to find their holy-grail items in a line marketed toward a different gender.

Switch Up the Scents

The fragrances used in men’s skin care are vastly different from the strong floral smells used in women’s lines. If you do not particularly enjoy the scent of most women’s skincare products, you may prefer the muted scents of cedar, peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus found in many men’s products.

Similar Ingredients

Many products in men’s and women’s skincare products use the same primary ingredients. You will want to pay attention to the ingredients to ensure they are the best fit for you, but often there is no significant difference between the comparable products!

Convinced that men’s skincare may be the way to go? Start by checking out some of our top developed for men, borrowed by women products.

Make Anthony part of your everyday skin routine and get glowing!


Image by and featuring Rashida Beal.