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8 Easy Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated During the Winter

Winter weather can greatly vary by location, but it often comes with dry air. Unfortunately, dry air often creates dry, cracked skin that can be difficult to manage. Read this blog for tips and products that will help you beat winter dryness and keep your skin hydrated this season.

Protect Against the Elements

If you live in a colder climate, make sure to protect your skin from the bitter cold by covering up your skin with scarves, gloves, and hats.


Piling on moisturizers will not completely resolve your dry skin issues. Make sure to exfoliate often enough to remove dry, flaky skin so that you can keep the healthy skin underneath moisturized. Use an exfoliating scrub on both your body and face.

Watch the Water Temperature

While steaming hot water may feel nice in the moment, it can actually dry out your skin more. Try going for warm (not piping hot)  water, especially when washing your face.

Pick Cleansers Made for Dry Skin

Facial cleansers and body washes made specifically for dry skin may help keep your skin more hydrated. Check the ingredients to make sure they are not drying.

Apply Moisturizer Immediately

Use face and body lotion right after washing to help lock in some of the moisture. Don’t wait until your skin feels dry to use a moisturizer!

Use a Hydrating Moisturizer

Consider a thicker, more hydrating facial moisturizer and body/hand lotion for the winter months.

Don’t Neglect Your Lips

Take care of your lips this season to keep them hydrated as well. Occasionally exfoliate to buff away flaky skin, and consistently apply a moisturizing lip balm.

Bring the Essentials with you

There is a high chance you will want to re-apply a moisturizer throughout the day, especially after washing your hands. Have at least a hand cream and lip balm with you at all times!

Drink More Water

Dehydration contributes to dry skin, hair, and nails. Hot drinks can be a go-to during winter, but make sure to drink enough water as well.

Use these tips to stay ahead of the winter dryness and keep your skin soft and moisturized this season.


Photo by Davidson Loriston