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6 Easy Ways to Contribute to Cancer Awareness Month

While fun mini holidays like National Puppy Day or National Sibling Day are making waves on social media, some of the significant ones are being neglected. September is Cancer Awareness Month and it is an essential time for obtaining a greater awareness of different types of cancer.

Anthony Sosnick, the founder of Anthony Brands, has witnessed many of his family members suffer from cancer. Year round, Anthony Brands makes a difference by donating a portion of all proceeds to one of several non-profit prostate cancer organizations whose mission it is to eradicate the disease forever. For this important month we want to share some ways you can give back.

Use your social platforms to spread awareness

One of the easiest ways to get involved in Cancer Awareness Month is to inform your current audience via social media. Whether you are an influencer with thousands of followers or a casual user, spreading information through your posts is a great way to inform and inspire your peers. You could share statistics, inspiring stories, or just a reminder of the month to get the ball rolling!

Be Open to Talking About it

Cancer can be a scary thing to talk about with family, friends, or peers. Chances are, you know somebody who has been impacted by cancer either directly or indirectly. Be open and willing to talk about the experience of cancer, medical research, or any other topics that come up.

Learn More

Take this month to learn more about cancer. You can research the different types, effects, and treatments of cancer. If you do not know anyone who has experienced the impact of cancer, you can read anecdotes to understand better.

Volunteer Your Time

People of all ages and backgrounds suffer from cancer and could benefit from a helping hand or visitor. Research opportunities to volunteer at your local hospital or children’s hospital.

Purchase from Brands That Support Cancer Research

One great way to support Cancer Awareness Month is through monetary donations. It can be challenging to know which organizations to donate to or how much to give. An easy way to donate is by purchasing from brands who send a portion of proceeds to cancer research. Here at Anthony brands, we donate a portion of every sale to prostate research.


Put a money jar out on your counter and instead of buying that extra cup of coffee, put the saved money in the jar. After the month is over, donate the money to a cancer research organization to help find a cure.

Cancer awareness has an important place in the hearts of the Anthony team. We hope these suggestions have inspired you to contribute to September’s cancer awareness month.