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The Cool Fix Rollerball

The Cool Fix “To- Go” Lip and Brow Formula is the perfect carry on whenever, wherever. Instantly soothes, while reducing inflammation, redness, and breakouts caused from hair removal. A Shaveworks girl always looks and feels her best, even on the go!
Put out the fire, lip and brow formula.

* Instantly cools and soothes after waxing
* Helps to reduce post-wax redness
* Helps to reduce post-wax inflammation
* Helps prevents breakouts and whiteheads
* Moisturizes and promotes healing
* Helps loosen the surface layer of dead skin cells
* Safe for use on sensitive skin
* Fragrance and Paraben free
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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

glycolic acid
mediacalm complex
phytic acid
salicylic acid


The brow and lip areas are very sensitive to waxing, tweezing, and threading. Applying the Rollerball immediately after hair removal will instantly help calm inflammation, reduce redness, and promote healing.


After hair removal, immediately apply Rollerball directly onto the area. Glide the Rollerball directly onto clean, dry skin. Instantly calm and soothes, and helps to prevent breakouts.

Shaveworks - The Cool Fix Rollerball


Great for sensitive skin
I get my eyebrows waxed regularly and, because I have sensitive skin, I often leave the salon with a lot of redness in my eye area. The salon will rub aloe on the area post-wax, but it usually takes a few hours for the redness to completely diminish.

If that sounds like you, you need this product!! I keep the Cool Fix Rollerball on me in my purse and use it right after I leave the salon. This product smells great and soothes my eyebrows post-wax so that inflammation is gone within minutes.
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