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Pencil by FiftyThree is the most stylish stylus on the market. Use Pencil with Paper for iPad to express your ideas beautifully and easily.


Need a weekend getaway? Try one of the 20 Manliest Hotels in America.


SodaStream Source Black Metal Soda Maker



Aquadome Hotel in Austria

Pencil by FiftyThree is the most stylish stylus on the market. Use Pencil with Paper for iPad to express your ideas beautifully and easily.

Chrome Skull Tablet Holder

Say hello to Chameleon Clock - A big, bold, beautiful clock for iOS. Chameleon Clock blends into your environment by using the camera on the back of your device to either sample the colour of whatever is behind it or, play a live video feed.


The Original Patented Knucklecase for iPhone 5-the ultimate tool for securing  phone to hand.  Each Knucklecase is painstakingly machined from a solid block of aluminum

Hidden in one of these brilliant silver cufflinks from the Ravi Ratan collection is a 2GB USB Flash drive…perfect for storing top-secret documents on the go. The other cufflink conceals a mini router, serving as your personal Wi-Fi hotspot for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices. Just download the accompanying software onto an Internet-connected host computer, then plug the hotspot cufflink into the computer’s USB port.

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve for your iPod or iPhone - Lightweight and compact design with a convenient key ring & integrated charging cables means you’re always ready for a quick charge whenever you need it.

Compact and discrete, Leica rangefinders are world renown for their build, reliability, and handling. The Leica M9 represents the world’s first full-frame, 35mm digital rangefinder camera. Built around a proprietary 18.0 megapixel CCD image sensor, the M9 delivers superb, high resolution imaging with exceptional color and contrast. Advanced microlens placement ensures precise light transmission with no discernable corner fall-off - even when using ultra wide optics.

QLOCKTWO TOUCH is a precision table clock with an alarm function. It displays the time in the middle of a matrix of letters, spelling out the time in words. A special screen process gives the letters, which are illuminated by brilliant LEDs, pin sharp definition. In a precise procedure the monolithic body is seamlessly milled from a single aluminium block. The ensemble represents a milestone in the aesthetics of table clocks.

The Tivoli Audio Model One table radio has always been more than just a radio. The same way that an Eames lounger is more than a chair. Elegant, classic and modern, they’re timeless pieces that are comfortable, solidly built and sure to remain useful for years to come. This is the kind of music player found in the homes and offices of discerning men all over the world. But that’s not to say subtle improvements are not welcome. And thankfully, the Model One just got a much-needed wireless update. Like the originals, they offer rich acoustics and crisp, clear sound from a handsomely designed furniture-grade wood housing with intuitive, simple-to-use knob controls. But now they can be used for the way anyone under the age of 40 actually listens to music these days—streaming our iTunes library, Pandora or Spotify tracks from our phones, iPads and computers via Bluetooth.

With all the reports of the rear of the iPhone 5 being easily scratchable, it might be time to look into equip yourself with a new veil from Killspencer. His latest veil is crafted from Alcantara, a suede-like material usually found lining the interior of high-end luxury cars. The blacked-out veil adds a nice sliver of luxurious protection for those of you who can’t stomach the idea of bruising their newly minted piece of aluminum. $25, Killspencer.

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