Pearl Souffle Shave Cream 1 fl oz

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30 ml ℮ 1 fl oz

Treat your Royal Self!

For a long-lasting shave with all of the benefits, the Pearl Soufflé Shave Cream is the obvious choice. A formula that nourishes the skin with natural botanicals, this shave cream for women reduces razor irritation, moisturizes the skin, and slows future hair growth. Lightly scented with lavender, ginger, and vanilla.

Paraben Free, Allergy & Dermatologist Tested.


  • Phytic/Glycolic Acid — helps loosen and exfoliate the surface layer of dead skin cells.  Lifts and releases trapped hairs to help reduce ingrowns.
  • Mediacalm Complex — helps to soothe skin and instantly reduce redness while moisturizing to leave skin smooth.
  • Capislow — plant extract that slows down the hair growth process.

Luxuriate in this lusciously rich shave cream for her, with Capislow to minimize hair growth, Phytic/Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and reduce ingrown hairs especially in the bikini area, and Mediacalm complex, for superb moisturizing benefits. Slows hair growth, exfoliates, and reduces irritation.  Moisturizes and nourishes for smooth, silky skin.

Pairs well with The Cool Fix and Pearl Luxe Body Lotion.


  • Apply a thin layer of Pearl Soufflé Shave Cream to legs, bikini, or underarms.
  • Finish by applying the Cool Fix liberally on shaved areas to reduce redness and bumps.
  • Shave with the grain at first if you suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps; then against the grain for the smoothest shave possible.


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