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Shave Cream

Objective: The Best. Shave. Ever. Period.
Strategy: Eucalyptus and Rosemary Extracts work as natural antiseptics, Squalene helps to lubricate, while an infusion of Hops helps to relax the skin (note: do not drink).
The Anthony Shave Cream has a rich, dense, whipped formula that spreads easily over skin. It does the hard work for you and softens beard hair giving you the best shave ever! The Benzocaine free formula prevents skin numbness so you can't over-shave and it cools on contact. The shave cream will also be your blade's best friend as it does not clog.
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177 ml / 6 fl oz
Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

aloe vera


Thoroughly cleanse skin before shaving to prevent razor burn and ensure a close, smooth shave.


Method of use: Apply an even thin layer onto wet face with your hand. When using a brush, apply a small amount to the tip of the brush, wet and apply to the skin in a circular motion, to lift facial hair. Shave and rinse off.

Anthony - Shave Cream

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Best Shave I've Had
I bought this shaving cream for my husband to try. After he used it, he said it was really. I had to see for myself, so I tried it. I couldn't believe how smooth the skin felt afterward. The best part is that that was the closest shave I've evEr had!!! I'm definitely not going back to my shaving cream.
They're right indeed!
I got a sample of your shaving cream when I ordered at an online store, and it's awesome. Ever since I began to shave I struggled with my skin, razor burn etc... Seems like that's over now!
Smoother than ever before!
This shaving cream is amazing. I get a significantly closer shave with no razor burn, which I used to get almost every time I pulled out a new razor. My wife and kids have all commented about how nice it feels to touch my face after a shave. I shave every-other day now, instead of every day. This is unquestionably the best shaving product I have used, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that shaves.
Feels Great!
I have only used this for the first time today but it have me such a close shave. I have oily/dry skin and it seemed to help with the oil and made my skin feel very soft and smooth after shaving. And a little goes a long way. I would recommend this shaving cream to anyone!
Best Shaving Product
I absolutely love this product. It gives a smooth, clean shave even with the hard water usually found in hotels. I usually cringe at the idea of shaving while traveling but with Anthony Logistics shave cream, I can be assured of a good, non irritated shave.
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