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Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Objective: Let's talk dirty.
Strategy: Glycolic Acid at 4.9% removes surface impurities. Calendula, Chamomile and Aloe Vera nourish and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect.
This non-foaming, Paraben free Glycolic Facial Cleanser from Anthony skincare contains just right amount of Glycolic Acid to deep clean delicate facial skin without stripping it. It also gently exfoliates preventing and clearing any breakouts.

Men: This cleanser is the only way to go for a close, clean shave as it helps lift beard hair when used prior to a shaving routine.

Method of use: Apply a small amount to wet hands. Work into a lather and massage gently over face and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Use AM and PM.

Tips: Cleansing is the first step to ensure a closer, more comfortable shave. Glycolic Acid is a well-known anti-aging ingredient that brightens and retexturizes skin. It is present in this formula at 4.9%.

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60 ml / 2 fl oz
237 ml / 8 fl oz
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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

aloe vera
vitamin a
vitamin c
vitamin e


Cleansing is the first step to ensure a closer, more comfortable shave. Glycolic Acid is a well-known anti-aging ingredient that brightens and retexturizes skin. It is present in this formula at 4.9%.


Wet skin. Apply a quarter size amount to hands. Massage into face and neck using circular motions. Pay close attention to T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and beard area. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily, AM and PM.

Anthony - Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Video Reviews


Surprisingly effective!!
I received this as a gift from Sephora on my birthday and I just realized this one the best cleaning products I used in a while.
Great product, HORRIBLE bottle
I love the face wash - works well and smells great, would give it 5 stars. But the new bottle is so HORRIBLE, subtracting 2 stars is fair. The plastic bottle is so hard to squeeze the product out that it makes it so difficult to use I'm going to switch to Jack Black's face wash. (Which is equally good as a face wash.) As it is now, you will have to put the face wash into a different bottle that you can squeeze out what you need to use. (So now it's a throw away bottle that gets no use!) I love your product...please switch back to the old bottle. Super design and usability fail. :(
Fix the bottle
Product is great, but the bottle is hopeless. It's really difficult to squeeze the bottle to get the cleanser out. Surely someone tested this at some point? Judging by the other reviews, I'm not the only one to think this - we can't all be wrong...
Please fix the bottle! Product is AMAZING
I'm one of the women that "borrows" and LOVES this product, but I agree, the packaging is AWFUL. I would be much happier with a more squeezable tube or a pump for all sizes! Otherwise the product itself is a solid 5 stars but the bottle is a problem! Please fix!
Formula/Packaging changed?
I have used this product for many years and have always been very happy with it. However my latest purchase has raised two problems:

1) The formula appears to be thicker than before.
2) The new bottle is too rigid to squeeze.

Combined this means that the flip top is rendered useless - no matter how hard I bang the bottle to try and fill the neck with cleanser, I can't. Add to this the rigidity of the bottle rendering it unsqueezable (I have Parkinsons, which I accept might be a contributing factor).

But to use the product I have to unscrew the cap, and bang the upturned bottle into my palm several times to get enough out to cleanse my face.

Bring back the old bottle!!!
Great product, TERRIBLE packaging
TERRIBLE Packaging!
I would have given this a solid 4 to 5 stars, however, I can't overlook the terrible performance of the bottle. The plastic is too brittle and stiff and the silk screening peels off in about a weeks worth of use.

Please change the product packaging (even if it's back to the tubes) or I will need to go back to Jack Black....
Must Have!
Great for all skin types, removes all dirt and grime leaving the skin incredibly soft, smooth, and clean.
I agree with Dave
The new packaging is ineffective! Good product but please re-package.
Annie M
Love this stuff!
I know this stuff is made for men, but I'm so hooked to it. It's cheaper than women's brand name face washes out there, yet it does the job. I have combination skin and this works well for me because it help keep oil in control and prevents breakouts! Love it!
Also, the 32oz bottle is back in stock... so it works perfect for me and my boo! :p
Good product but need to bring back the 32 oz. version
This stuff is a great cleanser but I will echo the sentiments of other users in that this product is overpriced and Anthony no longer offers the 32 oz bottle. That 32 oz bottle was the reason I switched to Anthony in the first place because it's 8 oz bottle is not so great. I understand people will still buy it, but I'm switching to Jack Black.
Bob P.
Great Clean without over drying
I just started using this cleanser but I love all Anthony Products, with the exception of the Shave Cream which stings my face. It smells great and happy it doesn't have any parabens or sulfites. I do wish the glycolic bottle had a pump becasue It's rather hard to squeeze.
Great product. Please fix your packaging
The new bottle is just ineffective. It is too stiff and the plastic looks like it will crack if I squeeze it too hard. Not to mention, you don't offer the 32 oz version anymore. Even semi-annually? Anyways, I do still love the actual cleanser, but the packaging really needs to change...or I will have to say bye bye Anthony. And that'll piss my girlfriend off. She loves the stuff too.
Good, clean, facial cleanser!
This facial cleanser is an awesome product that helps aid the shaving process. Using this product has definitely helped to moisturize my skin and has only my shaving that much better! It also keeps my skin clear and fresh looking.
Great for Oily Skin Sufferers
There's something about Anthony's Glycolic Cleanser that actually works. It cuts through the grease on my face making me feel confident and shine free before I head out the door for work. If you're thinking about giving this product a shot, don't waste any more time. Get the deep cleansing clay, too while you're at it to keep the oil away.
For ladies too
Ladies: this product is for you, too! I've tried my fair share of facial cleansers on the market, but I now stand by this one. Skip the over-the-counter items and spend a few extra dollars on this. It smells great and leaves you feeling fresh all day!
The very best face wash I have ever used--
I'm East Indian and we are famous for our beautiful eyes--and also for our deep dark circles under those dark brown marbles. The glycolic facial cleanser is trick to adding moisture to my under eye circles. No more Zombie eyes!! Love it.
Great stuff- Recommended
I really like the feel of my skin after a week of using this face wash. I'm a senior and my face feels like a baby's......almost. It is a definative noticeable improvement. I follow it with the defoliating facial scrub before shaving.
Would never use anything else
As a avid wet shaver and skin care advocate; glycolic acid as well as the vitamin A,C, and E are essential for skin health and a close shave. The Glycolic acid really helps soften the hair and prepare your face. The cream also rinses clean and leaves your face feeling refreshed and subtle. Highly recommended.
The best there is!!!
I have tried my fair share of facial cleasners and lemme tell you, this is definitely the bes that there is. Whether it be when I take my moring shower, in the middle of a hot summer day, or after an intense workout at the gym, this stuff has never let me down. Its such a great product that I give it as a gift for each chance I can. its so gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling like a million dollars after a long night on the town. #Amazing
Great product! Pricing, ok
I have been using this product for quite some time and it is awesome! The affordable 32 oz. option was great, but it is no longer available :(
Longtime User - Great Product
Purchased this for my husband and he loves it!!!! He has had problems with his skin being flaky at times and all of that is gone with this product. His skin is soft and smooth!!!
Morning Must-Have
I know this is geared for men, but I cannot stress how much I love this cleanser, and I'm female! Glycolic acid is so gentle on skin and has such great brightening and smoothing benefits. It's great for those who want to soften fine lines, battle acne scaring/dark spots, have blemishes, combo skin, and just want a refreshing pick me up!
The scent is lovely and soothing, the texture is moisturizing but not heavy, and it really does help fade dark spots from the sun and blemishes. I swear by this cleanser, love it!
Can't beat it!
I've tried several glycolic face washes on the market, and this is the one I can stand by as being the best bang for your buck while giving results!
Lucy K.
Must have in the shower
I can't live without this cleanser! I even use it as my body cleanser when I shower or take a bath. It keeps my skin clear and feeling fresh.
Basic but effective
My AM/PM regiment typically goes... Glycolic Facial Cleanse, Toner Pads, All purpose moisturizer. This product works because when I use the toner pad there is no dirt or reside on it. Great way to maintain a clean face daily. Step 1 in the daily battle lol
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