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Pre-Shave Oil

Objective:Only you can prevent facial fires.
Strategy: Olive, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary Oils soften the hair. Vitamin E conditions and Calendula soothes.
The Pre-Shave Oil by Anthony skincare does it's due diligence as it protects skin prior to shaving; softens and lifts beard hair preventing the formation of ingrown hairs. The pre-oil is formulated to layer under a shave cream or shave gel. It also does not clog pores and rinses clean off blade. Ideal for medium to heavy beards.
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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

olive oil
vitamin e


Do not pour product into palm of hand. Instead, dab oil on finger tips and massage onto clean, wet skin.


Method of use: Massage a small amount of oil into the skin. Follow with shave cream or gel.

Anthony - Pre-Shave Oil - 2 fl oz

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Pre-Shave Must Have
I've always had sensitive skin and shaving wasn't pleasant. Anthony's Pre-Shave oil has made it so easy to shave without my skin getting irritated. The razor cuts my beard without any problem. My skin is left soft and shaving isnt a bother anymore. Try. Anthonys Ingrown Hair treatment also. You will love how well it works.
My favorite Anthony product!
This is a must have shaving product. The smallest amount applied thinly over my face before applying shaving cream helps reduce razor burn and makes for a closer, smoother, and easier shave. Bottle last a while but I do wish they offered 4oz, 6oz, and/or 8oz size!
Mike F
This is one of my favorite Anothony products!
A light thin layer is all it takes for a smooth and effortless shave. Reduces friction, razor burn, and irritation. I wish they made a bigger bottle (4oz...6oz..come on guys)! I typically get the "Shave Kit" from Sephora great value at $50 for 5 full size products and has this item in it too!
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