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Brands Overview

For over a dozen years, New York City-based Anthony Brands has researched and developed multiple personal care brands specifically targeted to meet the needs of both men and women. These brands include:

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Anthony is a multi-functional, multi-benefit, nature based personal care system of skincare, bath and body products designed for men. The products are easy to understand with specific ingredients that are geared to a man's skin from head to toe.


Shaveworks targeted to both woman and men. We bring our expertise to the woman’s side of the sink. The first product,The Cool Fix is an all in one gel lotion that fights ingrown hairs, razor burn irritation, redness and everyday common hair removal woes. Especially great for use after any body waxing.

Grandma Stelle

Grandma Stelle’s. A new line from the Anthony Brands team consisting of multiple flavors of hand soaps, lotions and candles, designed to complement anyone’s home.

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Our Brands

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