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Whisker Lifter

Objective: To lift the beard hairs for a closer and more comfortable shave.
Strategy: This modern, state-of-the-art shaving brush features an oversized head of soft man-made bristles with an anti-bacterial coating which prevents bacteria from building up in the bristles. Cruelty-free, this brush is designed to function like an authentic silver tipped badger hair brush which helps to prepare the beard for the closest and most comfortable shave. The high gloss black handle is designed for durability and ease of handling. Included is a sleek black stand for proper drying of the shave brush bristles.
* Oversized head of soft man-made bristles.
* Helps to prepare the beard for the closest and most comfortable shave.
* Sleek black stand for proper drying of the shave brush bristles.
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The secret is out; We mastered the perfect shave years ago, only to one up ourselves! The Whisker Lifter will coat the beard hairs, lifting them up high, and leaving you with an amazingly close shave. Every Single Time.

The use of a shave brush can cure what ails even the most sensitive skin. Try the shave brush with the Anthony Shave Cream and you will likely embrace something new for your morning shave.

Place a quarter sized amount of Anthony Shave Cream in the palm of one hand, wet the Whisker Lifter with warm water, and then apply to cleansed face. Using circular motions, take care to apply where you have more sensitivity with your shave.


Using the shave brush with our Shave Gel is not recommended as doing so may clog the bristles. The gel is best used with finger tips.

Use a cleanser twice daily does a great job of removing dirt and grime and helps to better prepare for a clean and close shave.

Whisker Lifter


Bristles are too stiff.
I have used several different shaving brushes, and in my opinion, this brush is well made but the bristles are too stiff to do a good job of lathering the face. The lather applies too thin and dries out quickly. Acts a lot like a boar bristle brush. Not nearly as good as a badger brush which is what it appears made to look like. Definitely not worth the price so don't waste your money on this one!
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