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  • Wake Up Call Survival Kit

    Anthony - Wake Up Call Survival Kit
    Don't just wake up. Wake the #@!% up! This Wake Up Call Survival Kit contains everything you need for your morning routine; cleanse, shave, treat, moisturize, and control. It won't get you to class on time, but you'll look damn good when you get there!

    -Glycolic Facial Cleanser 4 oz.
    -Shave Cream 2 oz.
    -All Purpose Facial Moisturizer 0.75 oz.
    -Instant Fix Oil Control 1 oz.
    -Wake Up Call 3 fl oz.

    Value: $93
    • $65.00
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  • The Tool Kit

    We're men, not cavemen.
    The Tool Kit
    Objective: We're men, not cavemen.
    Strategy: The grooming tools to keep man hands neat and clean.
    • $26.00
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  • Whisker Lifter

    To lift the beard hairs for a closer and more comfortable shave.
    Whisker Lifter
    Objective: To lift the beard hairs for a closer and more comfortable shave.
    Strategy: This modern, state-of-the-art shaving brush features an oversized head of soft man-made bristles with an anti-bacterial coating which prevents bacteria from building up in the bristles. Cruelty-free, this brush is designed to function like an authentic silver tipped badger hair brush which helps to prepare the beard for the closest and most comfortable shave. The high gloss black handle is designed for durability and ease of handling. Included is a sleek black stand for proper drying of the shave brush bristles.
    • $80.00
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  • The Perfect Shave Kit

    The Essentials.
    Anthony - The Perfect Shave Kit
    Value of $100

    The Essentials. The perfect car. The perfect suit. The perfect shoes. The perfect shave. Okay, the rest will come… but for now eliminate the bumps, burns and irritations with the closest shave possible.
    • $65.00
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  • The Essential Traveler Kit

    For the man on the go.
    Anthony - The Essential Traveler Kit
    Value of $70

    Everything you need to look sharp and refreshed for those long days on the road. Airline compliant.
    • $56.00
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