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Objective: Erase oil, now.
Strategy: Instantly absorb excess grease on contact and keep shine at bay, all day. Help reduce the appearance of pores. An instant fix anytime, anywhere.
Let your personality shine, not your skin. Anthony skincare presents the Paraben Free Instant Fix Oil Control which instantly absorbs oil and controls shine all day. Its amazing all natural formula diffuses light to camouflage shine while also reducing the appearance of spots. Since it controls oil, it also reduces breakouts caused by excess oil. This is the ideal solution for men and women with an oily T-Zone as well as shaved heads. Mattes skin anytime, anywhere!

Method of use: Apply as needed to absorb oil and eliminate shine. Focus on oily areas especially the T-Zone.

Tips: Sometimes less is more. Only use a pea-sized amount of product to ensure that it is fully-absorbed by the skin.
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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients



Sometimes less is more. Only use a pea-size amount of product to ensure that it is fully absorbed by the skin.


Method of use: Apply as needed to absorb oil and eliminate shine. Focus on oily areas especially the T-Zone.

Anthony - Instant Fix Oil Control - 3oz

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Redness not a primer
Weird. I sampled this yesterday and after washing my face in the AM . Sephora recoomended as a primer to stop oil and sweat. After applying small amount my cheeks began to have a tingling sensation, they mentioned it was becuase my face didnt have enough moisturizer so it was tightening. Looks like I have sunburn on my face now.
Dan K
Does not Work
This product unfortunately did not work for me. As soon as i applied to my forehead and temple areas i started experiencing burning sensation (my skin is not that sensitive to begin with). When I looked into the mirror, my forehead looked all irritated and red as if I got sun burn.
I got this item as a gift and was unsure how it would really work, but I must say, the Instant Fix is a must have! I usually have combination skin so I was surprised to find that only a small amount of this product will remove excess oil and keep you matte for hours. I use two times a day and my skin has never looked better!
Works Really well
It's expensive but a little goes a long way. I bought this about 9 months ago and still have a little left. It certainly does remove excess shine and looks less oily. I bought it on a whim, and I'm glad I did
Michael B
Tried this on a whim because I hate my face always being so shinny. It works great. Instantly absorbs oil. Keep it in my briefcase so i always have it with me.
SiNister Barbie Doll
Got a sample of this and gave it to hubby....
I received a sample of this product from a purchase I made on Sephora for a few items for myself. Hubby is mainly Italian with some Mexican mixed in...he has very long days between work and college and this product keeps his face looking amazingly clean ALL day long. In the month he's been using it, I've noticed an improvement overall in his skin and that's a great plus.(= I recommend this to anyone who wants to banish shine.
Excellent Quick Fix
This product is amazing! You can use the smallest amount and it will remove oily residue ASAP. Must have Anthony product.
Mike F
Instant Fix
The smallest amount of this product will remove oil immediately. Great product and truly a must have to stop oily shine.
pretty good!! pre-tty good!!
This is actually pretty good stuff. I got the sample and it was actually big sample and I still have enough for two more uses. Im oily in my t-zone and this stuff keeps me matte all day and it makes me LESS oily. It doesnt absorb all my oil but it absorbs enough to keep me matte. I love it and I will be purchasing the full size.
Lee A
Great product for oily skin between washing
I tried this product to help keep skin less oily and shiny during times when I could not wash and reapply Anthony Oil Free Facial Moisturizer. It works so well I was amazed. Love the stuff. I always keep it with me during long days or even during the evening; anytime I want to be sure my face doesn't become shiny.
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