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Alcohol Free Deodorant

Objective: Be approachable.
Strategy: Herbal and Botanical Extracts deodorize, Calendula calms in this Aluminum Free formula.
Anthony Brands presents a no nonsense Alcohol Free Deodorant which effectively prevents odor while providing the all day protection that you need. Its aluminum and alcohol free formula prevents under-arm staining and it does not sting or dry out skin. This must-have item is a clear solid stick which does not mark or stain dark clothes.

Method of use: Apply deodorant to the underarm area after shower or bath.

Tips: The interaction between aluminum-based underarm products and sweat is what causes yellowing and staining on clothing. Ours is formulated with all-natural ingredients and no aluminum.
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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

aloe vera


The interaction between aluminum based underarm products and sweat is what causes yellowing and staining on clothing. That's why we formulated ours with natural ingredients and no aluminum.


Apply to underarms after shower or bath. Use daily.

Anthony - Alcohol Free Deodorant - 2.5 oz


Grooming Nirvana
Yes, the packaging was changed and the formula might be a bit different. But this is hands down the best personal care product of any kind that I have ever used. Probably not for everyone but I am nearly fanatical about this deodorant. The light scent is fresh and its protection does last the whole day. Anthony: if you want to make any changes, add a second deodorant. Don't change this one any further!
Awesome but sad
I love this deodorant been using it for 5 years. I wouldn't change it for nothing but sadly I'm going to have to. The anthony line launched a new version which is the only one now available. It has different ingredients and the lettering is different. Sadly it irritates me and now I have to look for another deodorant. I don't where to begin. Frustrated. I hope they bring the old version back.
Still smell
I tried switching from anti persperent to deodorant, but it didn't work. Had a musky smell after sweating. Didn't feel clean. Going back to anti persperent.
Excellent aluminum-free option
Decided to pick this one up from Anthony and won't be going back to anything else. It works as advertised - goes on clear, stays clear, doesn't stain, smells great, and lasts the whole day (unless it is super hot which case I do reapply). I'd definitely recommend giving it a try - you'll probably love it.
Long lasting
I am so happy with this product. I have been using it for a year now. If sweat is really a problem for you, its worth the price. it's long lasting and effective.
Excellent deodorant for men
This deodorant is perfect for men and keeps you dry all day. Even though it is fragrance free, it smells refreshing and clean, goes on clean, and a lasts all day. It does not leave stains on your shirts and you feel comfortable all day.
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